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Apparatus "MAG-30C plus" is for the whole body magnet with variable low frequency magnetic fields by applying different types and sizes of inductors.

The device “MAG-30C plus” is applicable for therapy by low-frequency magnetic fields in:



The device “MAG-30C plus” can be applied simultaneously or subsequently with lasertherapy, electrotherapy by diadinamic or interference current, therapy of he biologically active points, mud or spring water therapy, etc. The treatment can be executed over open surface, through the clothes, plaster or dressing.



Frequency of the magnetic field - 1 - 100 Hz
Magnetic induction - from 2 up to 40 mT

Regime 1 – IMMF (Impulse modulated magnetic field)
Shape of the modulating signal - rectangular
Impulse duration - from 0,1 up to 10 s
Ratio impulse/pause - from 1:1 up to 1:9

Regime 2 – FMMF (Frequency modulated magnetic field)
Modulation frequency - from 1 up to 100 Hz
Change frequency time - from 5 up to 200 s
Pause duration - from 5 up to 200 s

Regime 3 – RIMF (Rectangular impulse magnetic field)
Duration of the rectangular impulse - from 0,1 up to 10 s
Impulse/pause ratio - from 1:1 up to 1:9
Timer - from 5 up to 30 min

Build in therapy programs - 60
Grade of protection against electric injury according to BDS - 63/1-90..ІІ
Grade of protection against electric injury - applied part type BF
Grade of internal protection according to BDS - IPX0
Power supply - 220 V/50 Hz


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